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Introduction to Module 2

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Introduction to Module 2

Lisa · January 23, 2022

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Hi. Welcome to Module Two. As I’ve mentioned before, this module is a much more hands-on, practical section of the course.

Throughout the next eight sections, you’re going to explore topics such as hypnotic phenomena. What are those things that happen in hypnosis that seem to be specific to trance?

We’re also going to look at susceptibility tests and how these can be used to assess how hypnotisable somebody may be. There are lots of demonstrations and opportunities for you to practice here.

You will begin to develop your hypnotic voice. Your voice is a very important tool in this profession, so it makes sense to spend some time developing your hypnotic voice.

We will also explore how to help people elicit hypnosis and had to emerge them from it.

We will look at traditional ways of inducing hypnosis as well as more conversational, natural inductions. There are lots of demonstrations here and, as always, the transcripts are provided. These aren’t intended as scripts, but rather as models that you can draw on.

We’re going to explore ways that you can help deepen somebody’s absorption through the use of deepeners.

Then we’re going to put all of those pieces together and explore the basic outline of a session. So, what are those key elements of a session, and then, in what order are those delivered? As I said, this is a basic session outline. There’s certainly more to add if you continue learning about hypnotherapy.

To add some depth to your sessions, we’ll finish the module by discussing different types of suggestions that can be offered as you deliver your therapy.

I hope you’re excited and ready to get started on this next phase of your learning.

Remember to be playful and have fun as you navigate your way through these practical assessments and tasks.

Learning is much more memorable, powerful and impactful when it’s enjoyable. So remember to have some fun!