Terms and Conditions

Please read this document carefully as part of your enrolment process.


At Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers, we value quality and want to support our students to be highly skilled and knowledgeable. As such, all assessments require to be deemed satisfactory. Some assessments are mandatory to complete before moving forward with the training course. You can do the others at any time. Each assessment will be clearly labelled, either way.
In the ‘Introduction to Hypnosis Certificate’ course, all assessments will be electronically marked, and you will receive immediate feedback.
Some assessments will be marked electronically in the ‘Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy’ course. However, most assessments will be marked manually, which is time-consuming. These assessments will generally be marked within three weeks. If this is not possible for some reason, you will be informed and provided with the assessment timeframe. If you have two failed attempts at any assessment, you will be prompted to book a support call with the assessor. If a practical video assessment is deemed unsatisfactory twice, a fee of $50 per assessment will be incurred by the student when they resubmit such an assessment to cover the assessor’s time.


In the ‘Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy’ course, you must attend no less than 80% of the online ‘face to face’ component of the course as part of the certification requirements.


We will do our best to avoid program schedule changes; however, Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers reserve the right to reschedule or cancel any course. If a course is cancelled, you will be offered a full refund or attendance at the next intake, with the choice belonging to the individual student.


All students agree to maintain confidentiality regarding anything of a personal nature discussed within training, assessment and supervision groups. Sharing information about other students is strictly prohibited. Any concerns are to be tabled formally in writing to the trainer.

Cooling Off Period

You have a 48-hour cooling off period, and in that period, you will be limited to the amount of training content you can consume. If you choose not to continue with the course, you will need to notify Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers in writing. A full refund will be processed within 48 hours. If you wish to proceed with the course within those 48 hours, you can do that. However, the cooling off period offer will cease at that time.


Counselling- There will be one module of 30 hours of counselling training. This is one of the online ‘face to face’ components. There are another 70 hours of counselling reading and assessments included in the volume of learning, as counselling skills are an essential element to a successful clinical hypnotherapy practice.


You agree not to share or copy any training materials provided by Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers without prior written approval.

Diploma Certification

Certification is determined at the discretion of the faculty and includes an assessment of the student’s suitability to practise hypnotherapy. Certification also requires no less than 80% of the online ‘face to face’ component to be attended, and all assessments have been assessed as satisfactory.

Duration of Course

The time taken to complete the ‘Introduction to Hypnosis Certificate’ course is at your discretion. Videos from the ‘Introduction to Hypnosis Certificate’ course must be viewed before the first ‘face to face’ component of the ‘Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy’ course.

You will have one year to complete the ‘Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy’ course from the date of the first day of the online ‘face to face’ component.


Download the course prospectus for instant access to the entire course outline, including pricing, dates, and eligibility.

Please click here for Aspire’s Enrolment Form.

Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers reserve the right to deny any course enrolment without explanation.



The student’s responsibility is to complete the course within the time frame, which is one year from the first day of the online ‘face-to-face’ component.
An extension may be granted under extenuating circumstances and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The student must request an extension in writing no less than one week before the scheduled expiry date.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers is ‘Enhancing the profession through the pursuit of excellence’ This is the ideal that guides the decisions we make about all aspects of your training experience with us.

Ongoing Support

Between each ‘face to face’ component of the ‘Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy’ course, there will be an opportunity for you to partake in a ‘live online’ session for assessment support.
After the ‘Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy’ course, you will be eligible to participate in monthly ‘live online’ group supervision sessions. These are complimentary sessions to support you to implement your new skills and knowledge competently and confidently.


In the Introduction to Hypnosis Certificate course, you are required to pay the total course fee upfront. This allows you access to online resources as soon as possible after the payment is received by Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers.
If you have selected the option to get started for $497 and choose our payment plan, the first payment will be required seven days before the first face to face module begins.
If starting the course on a payment plan, you will be required to pay four equal monthly payments, commencing at least seven days before the start of the course.
If paying in full, payment is required two days before the commencement date of the course.
On receipt of successful payment, instant online access to the learning portal.
Please note that you will not have access to the course content if any payment is dishonoured until the matter is resolved.
If you are having financial difficulties, please get in touch with us promptly, and we can consider your individual circumstances and determine how best to proceed.
Payment schedules may vary from person to person. Full and final payment must be made before the diploma certificate will be issued.


All assessments submitted are to be your work, in your own words.


It is recommended that a student is a minimum of 23 years of age unless engaged in other health care studies at TAFE or University level. Exceptions may be determined on a case-by-case basis.
Students must be proficient in oral and written English and have basic numeracy skills.
Before online ‘face to face’ components commence for the ‘Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy’ course, it is a minimum requirement to watch the video content from modules 1 and 2 . There are approximately 10 hours of viewing.
The ‘Introduction to Hypnosis Certificate’ course also consists of and approx. 15 hours of short answer assessments and 15 hours of video assessment. These assessments are part of your ‘Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy’ course requirements.


Click here for Aspire’s Privacy Policy.


We hope you will be delighted with your Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers course choice. Any request for a refund or partial refund will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you hold a qualification in Counselling, you are eligible to receive RPL within the training course, for the Counselling Module and the associated assessments. This would mean you would only attend three blocks of four days of online ‘face to face’ training. You would also be eligible for a reduction in course fees. Please contact the office if this applies to you.


Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers reserves the right to terminate a student’s participation in the course due to any misconduct (violence, discrimination, plagiarism, or any other unacceptable behaviour that impacts the course or the students) or unpaid fees. Refunds will generally not be given if a student’s enrolment is terminated.
Harmful or detrimental comments regarding students or faculty will not be tolerated. If you have any concerns or grievances, please click here for Aspire’s Complaints and Appeals document and follow the process. By addressing things quickly and efficiently, we endeavour to resolve issues to the satisfaction of all involved.


You will be required to purchase copies of each of the following textbooks:
– Yapko, M., 2019. Trancework. 5th ed. New York: Routledge.
– Yapko, M., 2016. The Discriminating Therapist. Fallbrook: Yapko Publications.
– Geldard, K. and Geldard, D., 2005. Practical counselling skills. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Training Delivery

The ‘Introduction to Hypnosis Certificate’ course consists of video content and assessments, which will all be delivered and assessed electronically. This course consists of approximately 10 hours of video content, 15 hours of short answer assessments and 15 hours of video assessments.
The ‘Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy’ course consists of 10 hours of video content that MUST be completed before the first online ‘face-to-face’ module. This prerequisite is part of the ‘Introduction to Hypnosis Certificate’ course and is included in your fees.
Then, there are four online ‘face to face’ components, each with a duration of four days. There will generally be approximately one month between each online ‘face to face’ training. To enable you to review the online content delivered, there are pre-recorded videos with transcripts and slides within the lessons. There are also assessments to be completed after each online ‘face to face’ component.
The focus of the online training will be knowledge and content based. The ‘face-to-face’ training will focus on practical skills, including hypnosis and strategic psychotherapy. There is one module that deals specifically with counselling too.

Volume of Learning - Introduction to Hypnosis Certificate

• Approx. 10 hours of video content
• Approx. 15 hours of practical tasks, including uploading 4 short videos (‘How to’ video available)
• Approx. 15 hours of written assessments, electronically marked
TOTAL volume of learning – 40 hours (approx.)

Volume of Learning - Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Four modules of 4 days each, 7.5 hours of online ‘face to face’ training (120 hours). There will be one module of Counselling training included in the course.
There will generally be approximately one month between each online ‘face to face’ component.
There are approximately 680 hours of assessment in total. 70 hours of Counselling assessments are included in the course.

TOTAL volume of learning – 1000 hours
– 800 hours supervised (training, videos reading and assessments)
– 200 hours unsupervised (individual practice, extra reading, research)

Complimentry Offers

From time to time, Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers grant free access to our courses. Certain courses include quizzes and assessments. These quizzes or assessments will only be marked or graded once full payment has been made for the full course. You may, however, complete any components of the complementary course.

Affiliate Links

From time to time, Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers use affiliate links. By recommending products and services to our website visitors and logged-in users, we may earn a commission on any sales that result from our recommendations.


Amendments to terms and conditions – Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time. Aspire will notify you of the changes if this happens during your course. Your continued use of the site will be deemed as acceptance of the changes. If you disagree with the changes, you must stop using the site immediately and contact us in writing to inform us of your decision.

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