Module 3 & 4 – Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Lisa · February 10, 2022
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Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Explore:
  • Understanding the basics of hypnosis including history
  • How to induce hypnosis
  • Working effectively with clients using hypnosis
  • Developing session plans and treatment plans
  • Models of therapy
  • Suggestion types and language patterns
  • Counselling micro skills
  • Legal and ethical considerations
  • Patterns of strategic psychotherapy
  • How to identify and utilise patterns of strategic psychotherapy
  • Skills to build a successful practice
  • With a view to:
  • More in depth understanding of how to utilise hypnosis to support clients
  • Building your skills and confidence to become a clinical hypnotherapist
  • TOTAL Volume of Learning – 1000 hours

– 800 hours supervised (training, videos reading and assessments)

– 200 hours unsupervised (individual practice, extra reading, research)

•    Four modules of 4 days each, 7.5 hours of online face-to-face training (120 hours).

  • There are 30 hours of Counselling training included in the course.

•    There will generally be approximately one month between each online face-to-face component.

Upon satisfactory completion of all assessments, the student with receive their Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Course Instructor

Lisa Author

Lisa Webber has lived and breathed hypnotherapy for over 17 years. Her compassion for truly helping patients live a better life, bought her to study under Michael Yapko Ph.D who is a Clinical Psychologist focused on the areas of treating depression, developing psychotherapies and advancing the clinical applications of hypnosis.

Hypnotic Devices

Session Outline

Planning a Session

Delivering a Session

Debriefing a Session


First Sesson

Role Play 

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 12

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 14

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 16

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 17

Module 3 Observations

Creating Metaphors 


Yes Sets




False Memory Syndrome

Ericksonian Language Patterns

Code of Ethics

Research Assignments

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 10

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 25

Module 4 Observations

Review SMART Goal

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