Module 1 & 2 – Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Lisa · February 10, 2022
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Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner



  • Understanding the basics of hypnosis, including history
  • How to induce hypnosis
  • Working effectively with clients using hypnosis
  • Developing session plans and treatment plans
  • Models of therapy
  • Suggestion types and language patterns
  • Counselling micro skills
  • Legal and ethical considerations
  • Patterns of strategic psychotherapy
  • How to identify and utilise patterns of strategic psychotherapy
  • Skills to build a successful practice

With a view to:

  • More in-depth understanding of how to utilise hypnosis to support clients
  • Building your skills and confidence to become a clinical hypnotherapist
  • TOTAL Volume of Learning – 1000 hours

– 800 hours supervised (training, videos, reading and assessments)

– 200 hours unsupervised (individual practice, extra reading, research)

  • Four modules of 4 days each, 8 hours of online face-to-face training via Zoom (120 hours).
  • There are 100 hours of counselling training, with 30 hours of face-to-face training via Zoom included in the course.
  • There will generally be approximately six weeks between each online face-to-face via Zoom component.

Course Instructor

Lisa Trainer & Assessor

Lisa Webber has lived and breathed hypnotherapy for over 17 years. Her compassion for truly helping patients live a better life, bought her to study under Michael Yapko Ph.D who is a Clinical Psychologist focused on the areas of treating depression, developing psychotherapies and advancing the clinical applications of hypnosis.


The Basics

Understanding Hypnosis

Foundational Knowledge 1

Research Assignments

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 1

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 2

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 4

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 7

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 8

Module 1 Observations

Hypnotic Phenomena

Susceptibility Tests

Foundational Skills

Traditional Inductions

Conversational Inductions


Foundational Knowledge 2

Types of Suggestions

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 5

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 6

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 9

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 11

Reading Assignments Trancework – Chapter 13

Module 2 Observations

Review SMART Goal

Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner