Introduction To Hypnosis Certificate

Lisa · October 4, 2021

Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner


This short course is self-paced. It is all online in one, easy to use student portal. This includes training videos, transcripts of each video, demonstrations of each practical task and written assessments are electronically marked, for instant feedback. There are many practical tasks, and you will upload four short videos as part of your assessment portfolio.

Upon satisfactory completion of all assessments, the student with receive their Introduction to Hypnosis Certificate digitally.


  • Understanding the basics of hypnosis including different models of hypnotherapy
  • How to use your voice effectively
  • Different ways to induce hypnosis
  • Different types of suggestions
  • Basic outline of a session

With a view to:

  • Assessing your level of interest in exploring hypnotherapy more fully
  • Determining if hypnotherapy is a suitable career path for you
  • Evaluating Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers –appraise trainers, ease of use of student portal, quality of information delivered,
  • Considering completing the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy with Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers
  • Total Volume of Learning – Approx. 27 hours
  • Video content- 7 hours
  • Practical tasks – Approx. 5 hours
  • Written assessments- 15 hours, electronically marked

This Introduction To Hypnosis Certificate course is NOT comprehensive. Further study would be essential to become a proficient clinical hypnotherapist.

Course Instructor

Lisa Trainer & Assessor

Lisa Webber has lived and breathed hypnotherapy for over 17 years. Her compassion for truly helping patients live a better life, bought her to study under Michael Yapko Ph.D who is a Clinical Psychologist focused on the areas of treating depression, developing psychotherapies and advancing the clinical applications of hypnosis.

Certificate in Hypnosis


The Basics

Understanding Hypnosis

Foundational Knowledge 1

Hypnotic Phenomena

Susceptibility Tests

Eye Lock

Foundational Skills

Traditional Inductions

Conversational Inductions


Foundational Knowledge 2

Types of Suggestions

Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner