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The Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy is a comprehensive course that teaches you the skills and techniques necessary to become a successful clinical hypnotherapist.

By starting with Module 1, Understanding the Basics, and Module 2, Foundational Skills and Approaches, you can gain a solid foundation in the field of hypnotherapy. Our exclusive getting started option allows you to begin understanding the concepts and techniques of hypnotherapy and provides a head start on the full diploma course.

In addition to the foundational knowledge, the cost of purchasing Modules 1 and 2 is only $500. This makes training with Aspire an affordable option for those looking to start their journey in hypnotherapy.

Not only does this allow you to start learning now, but it also provides an opportunity for you to explore your interest in hypnosis before committing to the full diploma course.

By starting with the foundational modules, you will better understand the course content and be more prepared for the advanced modules. This makes it an excellent option for those serious about becoming hypnotherapists.

What's Included

Module 1 - Understanding the basics (Included in getting started option)

(approx. 50 hours assessments and video content)

Module 2 - Foundational skills & approaches
(Included in getting started option)

(approx. 150 hours assessments and video content)



Our Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy is an approved and recognised course with the following associations.

Get started for only $500

Choosing the getting started option gives you instant access to the entire first two modules of the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy course. You can start your training and assessments today.